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Anonymous BTC Card

Bitcoin was created to make the financial system more secure and accessible. But still, spending on Bitcoin has become limited due to the hurdles in converting it into cash or other forms of payment. This is where anonymous BTC cards come in handy.


Anonymous BTC cards are prepaid Bitcoin debit cards allowing users to spend their bitcoins without revealing personal information. They are especially beneficial for those who want to remain anonymous when purchasing online or at brick-and-mortar stores and making ATM withdrawals. Unlike traditional debit cards, anonymous BTC cards do not require users to submit personal documents such as ID or utility bills.


This article is going to discuss anonymous BTC cards in detail and how they work:


Best Anonymous BTC Cards

While using BTC and other cryptocurrencies to make transactions secure, convenient, and anonymous, many providers still need to realize anonymity fully. However, several ones are offering full or partial anonymity, such as:

Fully Anonymous: PlasBit Card

PlasBit is a fully anonymous BTC card that allows users to instantly convert their bitcoins into cash anywhere and anytime without revealing their identity. With three-tier cards available, users can choose the one that best suits their needs. The virtual card that good for purchases online, and the physical card includes an EMV chip and a designated pin code for secure ATM withdrawals.


One of the unique features of the PlasBit Card is the ability to manage crypto and fiat currencies in one place, making it a convenient solution for those who want to switch between different types of currencies seamlessly. Users can easily make transactions and manage their finances with the ability to exchange currencies in seconds.


PlasBit Virtual: $25,000 per day load limit from PlasBit Wallet, $5,000 POS purchase per day, $50,000 per month load limit from PlasBit Wallet.


  • PlasBit Plastic: $500,000 per day load limit from PlasBit Wallet, $5,000 POS purchase per day, $500 single ATM withdrawal.
  • PlasBit Metal: $100,000 per day load limit from PlasBit Wallet, $30,000 POS purchase per day, $10,000 single ATM withdrawal.

Partially Anonymous: SpectroCoin Card

SpecroCoin Card is a partially anonymous card allowing users to access their bitcoins easily. The SpectroCoin Card is a versatile financial tool that will enable you to convert your cryptocurrencies and load them onto your card instantly. With a personal IBAN, you can make payments in your name and spend easily with your debit card, giving you complete control over your transactions.


The SpectroCoin Card also lets you withdraw cash at any ATM, providing convenient access to your funds. Denominated in EURO, these debit cards can be quickly loaded using the cardholders’ SpectroCoin wallet, making it a suitable solution for those looking to remain anonymous when using their Bitcoin.


  • €25,000 daily POS/ online transaction limits.
  • €2,500 daily ATM withdrawals.
  • €25,000 load limit.
  • five physical cards per person and 99 virtual cards per person.
  • €1 minimum load amount.

Partially Anonymous: Wirex Card

Wirex Card is a partially anonymous card that allows users to access funds securely and instantly. The card can be loaded with any of the cryptocurrencies supported by Wirex, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. With real-time conversion capabilities, holders can use their cryptocurrencies for payments at any merchant accepting Visa cards.


The Wirex Card also offers extra features, such as a virtual card, allowing users to make online payments securely. In addition, Wirex also provides built-in rewards to cardholders. Every time you use your Wirex Card for purchases, you’ll receive up to 8% cash back in Bitcoin.


  • 30 000 EUR max spend on POS/ePOS per day.
  • 500 EUR ATM withdrawal limit per day.
  • 5 ATM withdrawals per day.
  • Unlimited maximum balance.

Benefits Of Anonymous BTC Card

Anonymous BTC cards provide users the same convenience and security as traditional debit cards. Here are some top benefits of using the card:


  1. Enhanced Privacy: One of the most significant benefits of using an anonymous BTC card is its heightened privacy level. Traditional debit or credit cards require users to disclose their personal information, including their name, address, and financial details. In contrast, anonymous BTC cards allow users to make transactions without revealing their identity, adding more privacy to their economic activities.
  3. Protection Against Fraud: With the increasing number of online fraud cases, protecting one’s financial information has become a top priority for many individuals. Anonymous BTC cards provide an added layer of protection against fraud, as they are not linked to the user’s bank account. This means that even if the card information is compromised, the user’s personal and financial information remains secure.
  5. Convenience and Flexibility: They can be used like regular debit or credit cards, allowing users to make online and offline purchases, withdraw cash from ATMs, and even pay bills. Additionally, anonymous BTC cards can be quickly loaded with Bitcoin from the user’s digital wallet, allowing users to convert their cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies easily.


Anonymous BTC cards offer users a convenient and secure way to access their funds. By providing enhanced privacy, protection against fraud, and flexibility, anonymous BTC cards are becoming an increasingly popular financial tool for those looking to remain anonymous while using their Bitcoin.

We recommend you use the PlasBit card if you want anonymity, as the card is the only one offering complete anonymity. It also offers other benefits such as low cost of transactions, high speed, and security.


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