USD Anonymous Bitcoin Card

USD anonymous bitcoin card

Why do you need a USD anonymous bitcoin card?

When it comes to cryptocurrency, there are several ways to get your hands on digital assets.

You may have heard of Bitcoin and other popular altcoins, but do you know about the lesser-known cryptocurrencies?

Virtual currencies such as Bitcoin offer an exciting new way to shop, bank, pay for school, and more.

However, unless you have a wallet or exchange account from which to purchase them, these currencies are difficult to spend without leaving a digital trail.

That’s where USD anonymous bitcoin cards come in. These prepaid plastic cards can help you make direct withdrawals from the ATM or purchase goods online securely without compromising your security.

Let’s take a look at why you should get a USD anonymous bitcoin card.

How Does a USD Anonymous Bitcoin Card Work?

A USD anonymous bitcoin card works almost exactly like a regular debit card.
When you load funds onto the card, you create a virtual “account number” which allows the seller to deduct funds from your card.

The same thing happens when you take out money from the card you input the account number, the amount, and the date.
If you’re buying something online, you can either link the card to your account or pay for it directly.

Does the seller accept bitcoin? Great, you can just have them transfer the funds from their end.

For smaller purchases, you can also use the card to make a cash withdrawal from the ATM.

There are a few caveats, though: You can’t use the card to buy bitcoin directly.
You can’t use the card to make deposits to exchanges or other wallet services.

You can’t use the card at merchants that don’t accept debit cards such as grocery stores, gas stations, or restaurants.
You can’t use the card to make cash withdrawals at an ATM, either.

Top 10 reasons to get a USD anonymous bitcoin card

Easy to get You can apply online and receive your card in as few as five business days.

A convenient way to buy bitcoin You can use the card to buy bitcoin directly from the card services.

If you have a non-BTC-accepting retailer nearby, you can use the card to purchase and pay for it with bitcoin.

Once you’ve finished your purchase, you can withdraw the bitcoins from your account.

Low (or no) fees, Most virtual debit card services charge either 0% or low, per-transaction fees.

With no monthly fees, most services charge either 0% or low fees.
There are no account opening or activation fees, Most card services have no-cost options.

Easy to set up, In most cases, you don’t even need to open a separate account.
Most virtual debit card services work with a linked cryptocurrency bank account.

In case you lose your card, you can log in to your account and request a replacement.
No identity verification, Most card services don’t require identity verification.

Things to consider when getting a USD anonymous bitcoin card

Privacy, All virtual debit card services are private. However, some are more private than others.

Be sure to investigate the level of privacy provided by any card you consider.

Fees, All card services have fees, but not all charge the same or in the exact amounts.
Pay attention that you understand the fee structure and understand how to avoid them.

Limits, Virtual debit cards can limit how much you can spend and how many transactions you can make per day.

Make sure the card you choose has reasonable limits.

Terms, Every card service has terms and conditions.

Make sure you understand them before signing up.

Bottom line

Anonymous bitcoin Virtual cards provide an easy way to make purchases with bitcoin. They’re convenient, have low fees, and are easy to use.

However, they have a few shortcomings. They usually don’t let you buy bitcoin directly and have usage limits.

Most also have no-fee or low monthly fees. 

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