Anonymous bitcoin card FAQ

What is a bitcoin debit card?

It’s the same as a regular debit card and the only difference is that you can load it with crypto instead of fiat. You can make online and offline purchases or withdraw money from ATMs just as you would do with a regular VISA or Mastercard.

How can I order a bitcoin debit card?

You must first register on one of the websites that provides an anonymous bitcoin card without KYC (Know Your Client ), so you won’t provide any relevant information such as your name, phone number, and address ( if you prefer to stay anonymous you can provide third party details).

What are the advantage of the virtual card?

One of the main advantages of using a virtual debit card is convenience, If you own cryptocurrency and need an easy way to spend it. A virtual debit card is an online version of your standard debit card that also gives you some control over your funds.

Which currencies can I use with a bitcoin debit card?

The payment on the credit card will be used with USD, EUR, and GBP 
To load your credit card with crypto you can use bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and USD.

How does my bitcoin debit card protect my identity?

First of all, remember that your card is not linked to any of your personal banks
So hackers/authorities cannot find out your identity or any other details about your account.
Also, if you only register with an email there is no chance that your personal data will link out cause the company doesn’t hold your details in its database.

How can I withdraw money from a bitcoin debit card?

In the same way that you withdraw money with a regular card, the only thing that change is that you need to load your card with your cryptocurrency.
After you did that, you can go to any ATMs that received a VISA or Mastercard and withdraw your money without any issues.

How can I check my card balance and review transactions?

First, you need to log in and then go to your private area on the website, and then you can see all the balance or the review transactions on the card.  

What are the limits of a bitcoin debit card?

Each company has a limit on the amount that you can load per card and it varies according to the card type. The typical loading amount 5,000$ per month and 1,000$ per day. Also, the charging limit per transaction varies from 1,000$ to 3,000$. In the premium cards you can load up to 100,000$ a month and a single POS purchase can be up to 30,000.