Anonymous Bitcoin Visa Cards Comparison


Pro and Contra

Monthly Fee

Card Types



add  Anonymous virtual and physical cards are available.
add  All-in-one crypto platform – wallet, debit card, and bank transfers.
Minus free icon  Supported by the top five major cryptocurrencies.
Minus free icon  European and Asia citizens, US citizens are not allowed.




add  Three major currencies(EUR, GBP, USD) are all authorized
add  Free Shipping World-Wide
Minus free icon  Only for EU citizens
Minus free icon  Higher Prices




add  Available in EUR, GBP, USD and 40 different altcoins beside bitcoins
add  Unlimited lifetine purchases and ATM withdrawals
Minus free icon  Poor English is used on their website
Minus free icon  Not available for US residents




add  High level of security
add Offers access to nearly 100 cryptocurrencies
Minus free icon High fees
Minus free icon Customer service issues




add  High level of security
add Offers access to nearly 100 cryptocurrencies
Minus free icon High fees
Minus free icon Customer service issues



Introduction Anonymous Bitcoin Card

Anonymous Crypto debit or credit cards are recommended for regular crypto users.
They allow you to instantly convert Bitcoin and other cryptos to fiat at merchant points and ATMs where Visa and MasterCard are supported.
Therefore, you can pay for goods and services with crypto, where the outlet or merchant does not help receive crypto directly as payment.
They also allow you to withdraw cash at ATMs.

How to pick the right Anonymous Bitcoin Card provider?

Anonymous Bitcoin card lets you spend your cryptocurrency on your everyday expenses, but there are vital points you should understand before getting one.
Which companies are reliable and provide the best service?
Before signing up for a service, check the provider’s site and read it through carefully to Make sure the provider has a clear, transparent ownership structure.

Services Provided

All the providers offer you a card and a wallet, but for example, Binance,, and Coinbase also run their exchanges.
This allows you to buy bitcoins directly on their website. Otherwise, you must purchase the bitcoins elsewhere before loading them into your anonymous bitcoin visa card.

All providers accept the three major fiat currencies, USD, EUR, and GBP.
Russian users, you should order AdvCash bitcoin debit cards where the accounts are denominated in RUB.
For clients from Asia and the Emerging Markets, Binance and coinbase offer a solution.
Usually, only bitcoins are accepted, but they also offer other cryptocurrencies as an account option. There are plastic and virtual cards on the market.

plastic cards can be used for ATM withdrawals or online purchases.
virtual card can be used only online and Some providers only offer virtual cards, so check that before signing and opening an account.

Anonymous Bitcoin Card Countries

The anonymous bitcoin card providers can deliver to more than 130 countries worldwide.
Users in the United States are excluded from these services, except at Coinbase,, and Binance, which offers limited services to US citizens.
The shipping of the plastic card is usually free. Some providers charges about 45-75 USD for an expedited delivery option.
Most providers have smartphone apps available to allow users to control their finances everywhere at any time.
Windows phone users may need to search. Further, the applications are usually only available for Android and iOS.

Transaction Fees and Card Pricing Schedule

For monthly maintenance, the providers charge around anywhere between 1 USD to 50 USD.
Some providers charge an extra fee for inactivity (Inactive users are the ones who are not transactions even once in two years).
Anonymous bitcoin card providers are profiting when users transact with the card. Online purchases are usually free, but some may also charge fees.
On the other hand, ATM transactions are always charged extra.
For domestic cash withdrawals, the providers usually charge around 2-3 USD, and for international departures, usually 5-15 USD.
If the purchase or withdrawal currency differs from all providers, charge an extra currency exchange rate of approximately 3%.


As you can see, there are many possibilities a provider offers. Every listed bitcoin card provider is a good choice, but you should choose the one that best fits your needs. Binance and Plasbit are recommended. There’s no doubt that cryptocurrency is shaking up global money markets.
What was once a mere curiosity is now a legitimate competitor to traditional centralized currencies.
If you’re considering getting on the cryptocurrency bandwagon by getting a bitcoin debit card or rewards card, remember that these products are still relatively new and aren’t yet integrated worldwide.
Cryptocurrency is one among many available financial products. Before buying cryptocurrency or getting an anonymous bitcoin card,
ensure you’ve developed a healthy economic lifestyle and have a balanced budget.

Bitcoin like cash

The UK-based company Plasbit pioneered the anonymous bitcoin card in 2020. PlasBit card enabled users to spend Bitcoins like cash at any online or offline merchant that accepts Visa or Mastercard. The plasbit anonymous Visa Card has now been issued more than 11,000 times.
Don’t forget The dynamic crypto scene is going up and down: Wave Crest Holding, a company that issues Bitcoin debit and virtual cards, announced in January 2018 that it would close its Visa prepaid cards due to a change in the operating license.
As a result, all European crypto-currency cards could no longer be used for payments and withdrawals – customers of well-known providers such as Cryptopay, Bitpay, TenX, Wirex, and Bitwala were left behind.

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